Thursday, December 28, 2006

Dallas Dhu, 1979, 25yrs, Signatory

Harry and Jeremy tasted this at Brandy Library. A terrific nose with hints of licorice. A very fat palate with a nice blend of light smoke and oak from the bourbon cask. A long warm finish. The decanter pictured is a '75. We had the '79 that was bottled 4/4/05 in a similar decanter.

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FunkadelicCowboy said...

dallas dhu...sigh...
now a museum! when seeing this bottle for the first time, i almost shed a tear for that now quiet speyside hill. yet while the surfboard bottle beckons to be played with and the waves within promise long velvety rides...this amber beauty broke my heart. the .com bubble burst long after the oak and caramelized bourbon barrels strangled the balance out of this Double D leaving it with no story to tell.
big j, where's your signatory vintage 75 DD? same year~now that's a dram to behold. if they could taste in cask 2357 in '83 what joe c from binny's would discover and hand select in '03, they would have never shut that place down. as for your bourbon cask, the bottle's a keeper though a fitting tomb to one slain spirit.