Friday, January 5, 2007

Highland Park in a new bottle

Glad to see that HP has done another re-design. This takes them a positive step back to the bottle we all fell in love with. Now let's hope the new 18 tastes like the pre 2000 18yr.
With Tasting notes like this - how could you not love it!!!
Whisky Magazine Tasting Notes
Nose: Warm, notably flowery. Heather-honey, fresh oak, sap, peat, smoky fragrance. Very aromatic and appetising.
Palate: Remarkably smooth, firm, rounded. Lightly salty. Leafy (vine leaves?), pine nuts. Lots of flavour development: nuts, honey, cinnamon, dryish ginger.
Finish: Spicy, very dry, oaky, smoky, hot.
Overall: If I smoked I would have a cigar with this one.

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