Saturday, March 10, 2007

Scapa - an amazing treat

This Scapa was from a single cask care of Mackillops. D&M club label on it - many thanks to them for the find.
This one has a terrific malty sweetness and some spices. Nose has cottan candy in it. Body is very complex and vibrant. Finish is stolen from the older Highland Parks, but without the Sherry. Almost tastes like some cinnamon.
And here are the official tasting notes: Deep gold color with slow, thick legs. The nose is composed of white chocolate, red fruit, white pepper, loads of malt and vanilla, and a burning Viking ship in the distant harbor. The body is thick and mouth coating. The flavors are chewy, with loads of cocoa up front, followed by vanilla and a very pure sweetness. The back part of this is where it shows off its island origins—sea salt shows up, followed by a light dressing of barley sugar candy then there’s the smoke—pure, dry, filling the sky at sunset.

Speaking of Dallas Dhu

This is the hands down winner of the Dallas Dhu tasting. So sad that this distillery is gone.
See the following link for other silent stills:

Dun Bheagan's Dallas Dhu

Dallas Dhu is fast becoming a favorite of the He Man Woman's Hater Drinking Club. This one is finished in a RUM cask!!!
Wildly good, and complex. Great nose of oranges and vanilla and can't hide the rum. Body is chewy and a good amount of oil. Finish is long, sweet, and smooth.
Thanks Harry!

How can Highland Park dissapoint???

Drinkable, but no character at all. No nose, slight hint of Highland Park in the middle, not much finish. Shocking that this single from an oak cask is such a dud.