Thursday, December 6, 2007

Lochside - another lost distillery

Cask: Aged in only a refill bourbon cask. Nose: sweet, hint of camphor and toasted malt, almost creamy. Others claim -- a rich oily note of toasted macadamia nuts. and lush ripe poached apples and pears fruit notes. They even add spice notes of basil and a touch of white pepper. Palate: Such a rich, velvety, dense mouthfeel. Flavors of pumpkin seeds, creamy custard and soufflé wraps its around your mouth and linger on your palate. Beautiful elegance with unbelievable length!
This distillery started as a brewery in the 1890s and then started producing whisky in the 1950s. It was closed in the 90s and demolished in 2005.

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