Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bruichladdich with an Israeli twist

Check this out - the Laddies have produced a 12yr old and 18yr old using Carmel Wine casks. Can someone grab us some on the next trip to the holy land?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Mosstowie - who knew?

Signatory's Cask Strength Collection 27yr old Mosstowie (1979, 54.1%) is a lovely dram. Needs a splash of water to open up this bourbon cask beauty. Has a perfect amber color that marks it as having slept in a bourbon cask. It has a clean grassy start but complexity emerges when hints of vanilla and butterscotch are found. The splash of water brings out a bit of fruit and balances the spicy oak.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Talisker 75th Anniversary

According to guest taster MW: Beautiful nose. Nice spice, hint of vanilla, medium on the body, but good long on the back end with a hiny of sea salt. If you add a little water the vanilla really comes out.
This is one of my favorites in the collection.
Others seem to feel the same way:

Sunday, February 10, 2008

NC² - Mannochmore

An 11 year old single cask from a rarely available modern distillery - Mannochmore. The Speyside based distillery is new (1971) and this sample is from a 1996 cask. Part of Duncan Taylor's The NC² Range of Single Malts , Non chillfiltered + Non coloured = NC². This is a new range from the unique Duncan Taylor portfolio of rare and premium casks. The selection of casks for our NC² range is very specific: the whiskies must demonstrate the exact character of the Distillery and have an abundance of flavours , leaving a long finish. This looks like a light white wine. Nose is of heather and grass. Crisp malt flavors. Finishes very crisp.
The picture is from the Duncan TaylorNC² line, nbut not this botteling. Thnaks to the D&M Connoisseurs' Club for providing this wonderful dram.