Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fruit of Highland Park

Murray McDavid's Mission selection #4 - a 1979, 25 yr old Highland Park. Bourbon cask - creates an amazing twist on the classic HP. No disrespect to the traditional sherry side of HP, but this ne is out of this world. A top 5 in my collection!!!
A vibrant bouquet. Lots of soft fruits plus light floral notes, orange blossom, wild lily and pine needles intermingled with toasted oak, burnt heather, hints of honey. The sea breeze freshness adds a zesty citrus aroma to this sensational malt. Amazingly well-balanced. All the flavours explode on the palate. Not one flavour dominates. The peat smoke dryness and honeyed fruit complement each other superbly, flooding the taste buds with a mellow, rich, smooth texture. An absolute masterpiece of distillation. Thank you Jim McEwan for this find. (and thanks to MWeiss for the intro!)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Syrah Finished Special

Murray McDavid's 1993 Dufftown - aged in bourbon and finished in a Syrah. I finally finished this off - the first of my experience with the Syrah ACEings. The Mortlach that we fell in love with was the second. There is something about a bourbon cask whisky that takes on a incredible smooth and candy-like finish when it meets the Syrah. This one was bottled in 2004.
UPDATE: I just found more!!!

Mortlach that will be missed

Finished off a favorite from the collection - a 1988 Signatory Bottling of Mortlach. A classic mid-aged Mortlach from a single Sherry Cask.