Monday, August 18, 2008

Fiddich Launch

Thanks to a partnership with Reb Yisroel, YINR can now celebrate many of our chaggim in the traditional, time-honored way, with a fish kiddush -- as they say in gaelic-aramaic, a Fiddich. We serve whisky distilled from the icy waters of the River Fiddich in Speyside, and fish caught off the coast of the outer Scottish Hebrewdes islands and prepared in the cedar-paneled smoke houses of MacWilliamsburgh.

The hit of the first Fiddich was a 31 year old Signatory bottling of Ben Nevis. Malt Advocate gives it a score of 87 saying: Very traditional West Highland style: somewhat rustic, muscular, and oily in texture, with notes of leather, bourbon, espresso, orange peel, kiwi, and a suggestion of ultra-aged Caribbean rum. Occasionally, a softer side of vanilla and coconut shows itself, but, if this whiskey were a man, he would be a lumberjack.
The hit of the second Fiddich was a 19yr old Macallan from Duncan Taylor. This is the latest from D&M's Single Malt Aficionados Club.


dw_40 said...

Sorry to rain on your Fiddich, but all Duncan Taylor casks older than at least 1994 are chometz she-avar al ha-pesach. Feel free to contact me for more details.

Anonymous said...
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