Monday, November 10, 2008

Best bang for the buck

Mortlach is one of my favorites - and this one finished in Syrah has been a top 10 of the He Man Woman's Haters Kiddush Club for 2 years. Thought we could not get anymore, but K & L now exclusively has more - and at a price below $50!!!! They say: This is K & L's third edition of one of our favorite distilleries, Mortlach. It will never be this price again. So, if you enjoy this bottle, get is will you can! Tasting Notes: Color: Dark Amber. Nose: AMAZING, deep dried fruit aromas that fill your nose with raisins and prunes. It is the smell of a fresh baked pecan pie right out of the oven. Palate: Wow, wow, wow! The whisky first hits the palate with sweet, lush fruit of peach cobbler. Then it moves to the back of the palate to bring you dark, port notes with hints of chocolate. These flavors go on and on and will not let you go.

Benromach pleases

This distillery bottling of a 21 yr old Benromach is terrific. Rich taste, and decent complexity - a great regular dram.
Here are the distillery tasting notes: Colour: Bright gold. Nose (undiluted): Sweet, fruits - peaches and nectarines. Hints of toasted malt and a green leafy aroma. Palate: Sweet, sherrywood flavours. Some charred oak and resinous flavours. Rich. Nose (with water): Sherry influence more prominent. Mulled fruits and a sweet, chocolate aroma. Toasted maltiness remains. Palate: Sherrywood, sweet spicies - cinnamon and a little dry grass, hay-like note. Charred oak flavours lead to a drying finish. Body: Rich and smooth. Finish: Slightly dry with sherry overtones.