Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dallas Dhu from Murray McDavid

Dallas Dhu is closed, and what a shame. This is yet another wonderful version. A 1979 bourbon cask. Murray McDavid's Mission Gold Series. Tasting note from MMcD
Body: Medium weight, sinewy, crisp and subtle
Nose: Feisty and fresh, baked apples, honeyed grapefruit, pineapple and gooseberry all dusted with sherbet powder. Little flashes of mandarin pop up, as do rich, buttery Chardonnay notes to tinkle on the olfactory keyboard. Move up a key and the fresh floral aromas add to the melody of this beautiful malt.
Palate: The taste maintains classic Speyside style with biscuity sweet malt and light, caramel flavours much more evident on the palate. They in turn bring well-integrated balance and demand that the fruit pays homage to the oak. It’s harmonious and vibrant and I admire the crisp directness of the spirit.
Finish: While the distillery is now closed, the quality of the whisky making is as clear as the water in the streams that surround it. A captivating whisky that offers everything and finishes with the warmth of burning embers.

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