Friday, May 1, 2009

A new Springbank

Just got a note from Scotland about the availability of a new Springbank. Ordered it. It is an 18yr old distillery bottling. Tasting notes are: Colour - Rich Gold
Nose - Initial notes of marzipan give way to darker aromas like liquorice and treacle toffee. Like a home-baked cake full of everything that smells so good that you can't resist another helping.
Palate - Incredible depth and balance. That classic Springbank style is evident, backed up by the fruits of 18 years maturation in predominantly sherry casks. Rich and oily from the moment it hits the palate, the whisky develops to reveal dried fruits and just a hint of smoke. A fine combination of sugar candy, almonds and Christmas cake emerge as the whisky slips off the tongue.
Finish - On and on and on. A reassuring wisp of smoke rises from the back of your mouth and around the palate, enveloping a flavour which contains more raisins, dark chocolate and treacle.