Saturday, January 2, 2010

Chabad is the coolest!

Yes, Chabad again manages to be first to do something unique - this time a Whisky Menorah.
Read about it here: (and look closely at the bottle in the picture)

I am working on getting a bottle.
Thx to TB for the link.


got cholent? said...

Been wanting to do a special bottling with you guys for a while...

I say we get a young caol ila (7-9yr)
and then something a bit more sophisticated...lke an old Port Ellen, or Dallas Dhu, or the like...

All it would take is a trip across the pond....and a hundred or so casks to try....i can even get the STAR-K on board if we stay away from the sherries?

anyone game?

Anonymous said...

Basic Scottish Instinct

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeremy,
I know the guys at Tullibardine pretty well. I have 2 barrels there.
Greg Kal