Monday, January 18, 2010

Strathisla 30yr a winner

Strathisla is a significant contributor to Chivas Regal. This whisky has won the Scottish Fields Magazine competition 2 years in a row and for good reason. G&M has a few from Strathisla that I have tried and loved. This is really great and winner of a 8 bottle tasting at the House of Paine recently. Even Stu likes it...
Tasting Notes (G&M): Nose is Sherry wood with ripe fruit - apples, pears. Hints of toasted malt with some leather and hessian. A touch of heather honey.  The palate is a bit smoky with rich sherry elements. Earthy and spicy with moss and other green leaf notes.  Once water is added you get a nose of Treacle and toffee sweetness with dried fruits - dates and figs. Floral aromas - rosewood and lavender. The palate with water is still smoky with hints of clove and cinnamon. Rich sherry, fruitcake - Christmas cake.

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And Jeremy knows a thing or two about fruitcakes

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