Monday, February 22, 2010

Highland Park 30 is outrageous

Starts off with a wonderful deep copper color and then the nose of classic heather honey sweetness married with an almost dark chocolate coated orange peel and ginger. Another reviewer states that the nose is that of an Over-the-top brown spice, tar, sandalwood, cigar box, sweet toffee and anise cookie aromas.
Then a splash into the mouth yields a perfect coating that is incredibly rich and very dry, full-bodied palate with roasted nuts, toffee, lavish brown spices, and exotic dried fruits. Another review says that he is getting the taste of citrus, lime and a little grapefruit before smokey edges drift in with the ginger, chocolate and orange from the nose. The oak balances beautifully with a touch of toffee and cinnamon.
The finish has a dominant oak that takes grip and a coppery sharpness adds balance. Persistent ginger and orange with a dark caramel sweetness carry through the considerable length. This is proving to be an outrageous Scotch that continues to evolve in the glass and on the palate long after the first sip. It has so many dimensions when water is added in differing amounts.
This is the older bottling of the 30 yr old (pictured above), not the newer 30 release (pictured below).