Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Arrival from Port Ellen

A fab dram from Ronnie at DT. This 26 year old is bottled at cask strength. One of the best preatted whiskies I know. A real shame the distillery is gone.

Tasting notes coming


jackrabbit said...

Gorgeous scotch. Just the right amount of peat and complex. Opens up considerably (and makes for an even better dram) with just a little water.

got cholent said...

New arrival from Port Ellen huh?
Reminds me of the "new" Bob Marley song released last year, or the "new" Elvis tune that turned up the year before that ended up as #1 for 7 full weeks even with the King gone and buried (or not;) for decades.

Back from the dead or not, no Islayphile should be without at least one PE in their collection. Save me a wee dram of this one if you will.