Monday, June 28, 2010

HP: The Earl Magnus Edition

HP has released a UK only (i think) bottling that celebrates the life of Earl Magnus, an 11th century Christian; a man of peace and great authority who shared the rule of the Orkney Earldom with his treacherous cousin Haakon. Envious at the increasing popularity of his cousin, matters between the two reached a crisis and in a bitter twisted rivalry, Haakon had his cousin slaughtered. Magnus’s body was laid to rest on Egilsy and later at Birsay it was said that miracles of healing were experienced around his tomb. The legendary story inspired the new edition from Highland Park. Bottled at 52.6% abv at 15 year old full natural strength.
Borrowed tasting note:
Colour: Golden honey, clear and bright.
Nose: Cedarwood and lemon. Mango chunks with hints of ginger and cinnamon bark.
Palate: Vanilla, balanced smokiness, milk chocolate and crystallised ginger.
Finish: Medium sweet with lingering spiciness.

Random testing

I have been doing a few random taste tests of the collection (really just a way to work thru about 30 open bottles) and find there are two real standouts. Both the Port Ellen (DT 26year old) and the Highland Park 30yr old (distillery bottle - older version  from 2 years ago) always end up as winners.