Monday, August 9, 2010

Glenury from Duncan Taylor

A really fine bourbon cask highlander. I am still looking for more of this if anyone has any leads...

Bottling: Rarest of the Rare Glenury Royal 1984 - 20yo Single Malt Scotch Whisky.
Cask No: 3049.
Colour: Very pale white wine.
Nose: Oily, heavy and full. Very creamy.
Flavour: Fresh wood, slighty creamy and dry.
Finish: Woodiness comes through along with green fruits.
Comments: A creamy – fruity dram.

Glenury was great

Sad that this distillery did not make it thru the whisky recession in the mid 80s. Most of the site are now apartments.

Glenury Royal distillery was founded in 1824 in Stonehaven. The founder was one Robert Barclay-Allardice, an MP and the Laird of Ury at that time. Captain Barclay-Allardice was also the first man to walk 1000 miles in 1000 consecutive hours giving him a place in the Scottish Sports Hall of Fame. His contact in Parliament, a Mr Windsor allowed access to King George IV who granted him permission to use ‘Royal’ in Glenury’s name. The distillery was largely rebuilt in the 1960’s and the stills were increased from two to four. After closing in 1985, United Distillers sold off Glenury to a development company in 1992 and most of the old buildings were demolished and remaining ones converted into flats.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I cant believe i like a blend

OK i admit it - a few blends really are amazing. I recall a blend of 3 40+yr old Highland Parks that Royal Mile Whiskies sold me that I still dream about....   Black Bull 30yr old is a blend that won the Scottish Field's Magazine best blend award last year. I finally got my hands on a bottle in a little shop in bronxville that did not know what they were letting collect dust. Really nice, despite the grain.

This special blend is a marriage of the finest single malt and single grain whiskies produced in Scotland. The whiskies were vatted together in the 1970s, just after distillation, and matured in sherry casks for a minimum of 30 years, resulting in this deluxe premium rare blend.
Black Bull contains 50% malt whisky and 50% grain whisky and has not been altered by chill-filtration or colourant -- it is completely natural.
What the bottler says:
Tasting Notes
Nose:Initially chocolate then a hint of turkish delights, stewed rhubarb & lime pickle. With time becomes dark cherries.
Flavour:Rich sherry notes. A big dram but also gentle at the same time. Again, more chocolate notes and some red fruits.
Finish:A cherry finish with a slight cinnamon note and obvious sherry character but there is also a faint creamy note in the background.

Is it really too hot to drink Whisky?

No way. I have been enjoying a dram or three even on some of the hottest days. My preference has been the 9yr old Springbank from Murray McDavid reviewed months ago. I also have found that a rare 1979 HP has been able to really hit the spot.
I have heard that there is a Whisky made to be frozen. Looking for some if anyone is passing thru a UK airport. It is the Famouse Grouse's Snow Grouse. Reviews are not great, but sounds interesting.