Sunday, August 8, 2010

I cant believe i like a blend

OK i admit it - a few blends really are amazing. I recall a blend of 3 40+yr old Highland Parks that Royal Mile Whiskies sold me that I still dream about....   Black Bull 30yr old is a blend that won the Scottish Field's Magazine best blend award last year. I finally got my hands on a bottle in a little shop in bronxville that did not know what they were letting collect dust. Really nice, despite the grain.

This special blend is a marriage of the finest single malt and single grain whiskies produced in Scotland. The whiskies were vatted together in the 1970s, just after distillation, and matured in sherry casks for a minimum of 30 years, resulting in this deluxe premium rare blend.
Black Bull contains 50% malt whisky and 50% grain whisky and has not been altered by chill-filtration or colourant -- it is completely natural.
What the bottler says:
Tasting Notes
Nose:Initially chocolate then a hint of turkish delights, stewed rhubarb & lime pickle. With time becomes dark cherries.
Flavour:Rich sherry notes. A big dram but also gentle at the same time. Again, more chocolate notes and some red fruits.
Finish:A cherry finish with a slight cinnamon note and obvious sherry character but there is also a faint creamy note in the background.

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