Wednesday, November 17, 2010

3 Murray McDavids and 3 Advil

A little taste test is likely to turn into a serious headache tomorrow as they are all so good.
The line up: all three start in bourbon / oak caks
Springbank 9yr - 2000 finished in Chateau D'Yquem cask
Caol Ila 13yr -1996 finished in Chateau D'Yquem cask
Highland Park 14yr - 1995 finished in Chateau Lafite cask
The bottom line: the picture should tell which one i like the best.
The Springbank is so unique as it is a young bourbon only Springbank and then gets a sweet finish. Tasting notes suggest guava, pineapple, meringue, brown sugar, salted butter, green grapes and toasted malt. The HP is terrific. Might beat the Springbank for complexity and color, but the finish is a bit harsh (smoke/char). Tasting notes include a sweet smoke - almost can taste the charred honeyed oak cask. There is ripe dark fruit (esp on the nose) and coffee beans and plums. The Caol Ila is no slouch, but had a tough time keeping up with the other two. The peat was what you would expect, and the surprise came with the pleasant softness of the finish. Tasting notes include clementine, apricot, honey, carmel, citrus and no shortage of smoke.

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