Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Warning!!! Do not add water to this one

Scapa, 19 year old, 1989 Vintage, 52.7% from D&M Aficionado's Club has a terrific nose. But be not add water to this one as the nose will go foul and the taste changes to yuck (no better way to describe it).
Here is Malt Advocates review:
This single cask bottling of Scapa is a beauty! Brilliant gold color. Clean and fresh on the nose and palate, with complex bright fruit (peach, tangerine, Golden Delicious apple, honeydew melon, pineapple), spice (cinnamon, vanilla, subtle cocoa), appetizing brine, and beach pebbles, all on a bed of creamy, squeaky clean honeyed malt. Dynamic, appetizing, briny, dried spice finish. A delicious, superbly balanced whisky that makes a great aperitif, but I could drink this any time.
(and btw - this is really a MacKillops production delivered exclusively to D&M)

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