Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy and Sad

It takes a rare scotch to bring me to tears at one moment and joyous giggles on the other. The Springbank 21 year old can do it over and over again. Tears came as i finished off a bottle that i brought back from a visit to Cambeltown and a Springbank tour a few years ago. The thought of trying to find more of this beauty scared me. Luckily, I recently aquired a new bottle from that same trip - hence the giggles. The bliss and joy of this whisky is really amazing.

A very accurate review from Nose: wow, one of the most impressive noses I’ve come across. Dry fruits (plums, apricot). A strong whiff of heather. Wonderful notes of old wood, dusty cellars. Just the right amount of sherry influence. Something of biscuits and sweet honey. Coconut? Cherries? Blueberries? Waxy notes as well and even a slight coastal edge. Hints of leather. Oh man, I could go on and on… Complex but so smoothly balanced. Mouth: liquid velvet. Fruity start, candied even. Developing on raisins and cassis. Heathered honey again. Growing spicier (cinnamon, vanilla) and oakier. Very nice touching of coal smoke, but really subtle. Salty liquorice towards the end. Finish: very long, regaining raisin sweetness.

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