Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mortlach Mania

Yes, i am a real fan of Mortlach. The BM last weekend offered up a Mackillops Mortlach that was terrific and i was only able to land one bottle so far (review to come). That inspired the opening of  Flora and Fauna series Mortlach that BS and I brought back from Scotland. Has all the character that made me fall in love with Mortlach, but not so special that i am saving it...

The nose is quite fresh and floral, with developing smoke. Notes of rubber spearmint leaves and gentle smoke with a hint of warm kippers. The palate is very well-balanced and the flavours firm and full. Notes of heather root and gentle wafting smoke with toffee sweetness. Juicy and thoroughly chewy sultanas and mixed peels with a hint of amontillado. The finish is long and well-smoked with oaken warmth.

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