Sunday, May 22, 2011

Springbank has another suprise

A day at Springbank and I learned too much. I want to move there.
Longrow has released a new 18yr old and it is fabulous. Will be getting some soon.
Longrow has a very interesting smoke. It is distinctly different than Islay smoke as it comes in the taste more than the nose. Try a test - plug your nose and taste a Laphroig. Then plug your nose and taste this one. Really nice how the mellow peat comes thru in the taste and finish.
Review: Straw-honey color. Light to medium weight, with a slightly oily texture. Shy on the nose, but makes up for it on the finish. Fresh brine, toasted coconut, bright citrus fruit and subtle mint on a bed of vanilla cream and honeyed malt. The peat smoke is restrained on the nose but is more assertive on the palate, and it really kicks in on the finish, which is briny, smoky, appetizing and long. The best Longrow since the 1974 vintage. If it would only open up a little more on the nose it would challenge the best from ’73 and ‘74. Still, it’s very impressive. (Advanced Malt Advocate magazine rating: 93)

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