Sunday, June 26, 2011

More Springbank Love

A new favorite daily dram comes from another distillery in the Springbank family - Kilkerran. This bottle is a work in progress release - a 6 year old. It has more complexity and style than many 12 year olds i have tasted. I look forward to when this "new" distillery releases this as a 12 year old. I did a mastercourse there 4 weeks ago and samples 3 or 4 really fine future releases. Watch this one!!!
Nose: flinty and green. Dried grass, wet limestone, green lemon and apples. Clean hints of grains. Modern austerity which is perhaps more inspired by the Highlands style than by Campbeltown. Gets more aromatic after a while. Mouth: quite thick and creamy. Waxy notes, almonds. Lots of grains. Again quite some ‘green’ notes (grass, unripe fruit) and bitter notes (tonic, ginger). I miss a soft, sweeter side to counterbalance, to me it seems quite harsh and zesty. Finish: grassy with more smoke. The gingery bitterness is still there.

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