Monday, September 19, 2011

Imperial really is

So sad that this great distillery is mothballed. Just opened a D&M club bottle of the Duncan Taylor's Octave Cask from a 1997 Imperial. Wow. Just perfectly Imperial.Starts off with Pears, Vanilla and cereal. Develops into cloves, maybe pine, malt and even some chocolate on the finish.

Hard to beat Glengoyne

After a mastercourse at Glengoyne, i should be drinking more of this. Yet, it is hard to find. Indeed, the 21 is so sought after. And for good reason. Loads of oak in this and plenty of sherry but not overwhelming so that it goes to chocolate. The 17 is also very nice and much more readily available. A it sweeter, less sherry and lighter all around.

Linkwood is a hit

The Fiddich club polished this 15yr old Linkwood from G&M in a hurry. Very light color and almost sweet taste had the crowd loving it.
The nose is quite full with balanced oaked tannins and smoked ham. A touch of Fraise des Bois liqueur and notes of musty port. The palate is full and firm with notes of arak, dark toffee, vanilla spice and buttery oak. The finish is quite long and oaked with a touch of spice.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mortlach needed

As many of you know, a favorite  dram of mine is Mortlach. This bottle was my first introduction to Mortlach years and years ago. I picked this last one up again in Scotland and will find more if anyone is interested. Indeed, I know we can get more from Single Malts Direct (link to the right) - a great shop in Huntly that has no trouble shipping to the US. This is part of Diagio's Flora and Fauna Series and should be part of everyone's collection. I know MS just brought some back - so they are still putting this out. Let me know if you want one and I will get a bunch.

Scotch Hunting Season

As Scotch Hunting Season opens, I have got my hands on an import list of new Whiskies coming in this fall. I can pre-order at great prices from this remarkable collection. Please email me if you want the order form.