Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Great little HP

A wonderful bottle of Highland Park just opened. It was bottled for Cadenhead's new range of non-chillfiltered whiskies - just pure unadulterated whisky. This 17yr old is aged in oak cask is fatter and thicker than most older Highland Parks and really stands out from the distillery versions as heavier on the bourbon and lighter on the sherry. Right off the bat you get sweet cereal notes on the entry followed by a waxy and oily component. Classic HP faint hint of smoke comes through on the mid palate, and then the flavors really mold together to finish on a high note. Opens up nice with water too. Really great value - can be had for 80 bucks.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

1972 was a good year

I wish it worked like wine...  
anyway this 38year old Caperdonich is spectacular. I love the light smoke and incredible smoothness. Add a bit of water and delicious. A nice tasting note: Furniture polish and oak (which fades out over time) with tangerine, yellow plums, oranges and a little mango. Very juicy, a tad more citrusy than the TWA version. Maybe a bit more spices: cinnamon and mint, a little pepper. Vanilla. Slightly less beehive notes, although there’s certainly some wax and honey involved. Again very attractive with great depth. Mouth: assertive and punchy. Initially there’s a certain sharpness from the oak but over time it gets smoother. Very fruity: apricots, fig marmalade, honey. Plenty of spices (pepper, mint, cloves) and a faint bitter note from the oak. Finish: ginger and liquorice, mixed with honey.