Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hit at weekly Fiddich

Teaninich 12 Year Old Duncan Taylor NC2 Bottling D&M Exclusive. Cask#5580. Distilled:1996, Botlled:2009. Madiera Finish. 54.7%. The whisky is greenish walnut in color with slow, thick legs. The nose is pungent, with plum pudding notes and malt practically leaping out of the glass, along with a hint of almonds. On the palate, it's big, almost juicy in its richness, with red fruit and nut flavors leading, going into a light brush of smoke. The Madeira nuttiness and candied flavors come up on the finish. Still, for all the prettiness of the flavors, it remains a very robust dram. from D&M Tasting Notes.

Teaninich (pronounced Te-an-in-ick) distillery is north of the Inverness in the small village of Alness known for Dalmore and Glenmorangie. Unlike Dalmore which is visible from the road, this distillery is in a hidden part of an industrial estate on the edge of the town. Because it's unknown there are no visitor facilities and the whisky has never been promoted as a Single Malt until 1992. This should not derogate from Teaninich's persistent history. Established in 1817, Teaninich was one of the only four legal distillers to survive and has been in production almost continously, only ceasing during World War II and a short period during the "whisky loch" years of the 1980's. The whisky was in such demand that the distillery has seen numerous upgrades. Prior to 1970 there were two distilleries on the site when a new still house was built. This was known as "A Side" with the original distillery becoming "B Side". Both remained in production until the distillery was mothballed in the mid 1980s. When production recommenced in 1991 only the "A Side" was utilized, the original "B Side" buildings were demolished in 1999. Teaninich's is known for being the first distillery to have electric lighting and the first to have an internal phone system. Its output remains a blender's favorite and currently three million liters of alcohol are produced annually. Most notably, it remains a key component of Drambuie and Johnnie Walker Blended Scotch.

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