Tuesday, January 29, 2013

BenRiach Blast

The 25yr old distillery bottling of BenRiach is really fun. This was released a few years ago - dont know how i missed it (says released in 2006). It was aged in a mix of three casks: Bourbon barrels, Spanish Oloroso sherry casks, and fresh, 'virgin' oak. This malt comes bottled at high proof for additional complexity and fun. Add water and you get two whiskies for the price of well, two. At just over $200 a bottle, it is not cheap, but i really find it worth it. Especially as its complexity comes from subtle peat and wild wood notes. The sherry bit of this whiskies is just a note.

Nose: Mature and balanced on the nose. This is refined stuff with notes of salty butter, crème caramel, custard and black pepper.
Palate: Fruity and lush with peaches and apricots. Marzipan, white chocolate and exotic spices develop in the glass.
Finish: A drying, refined finish, tapering out on sweet spices and fruit.
Overall: Wonderfully complex and fun.

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