Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Great smoke, ugly look

BenRiach's 21 year old 'Authenticus' is a smokey room where you cannot not see. The scotch is lovely. Really gorgeous. Smoky aroma that leads into a nicely matched taste. Not Islay. Just peat. But that label... wow. what were they smoking?

Official tasting notes:
NOSE: An explosion of smoke and peat, in combination with teasing hints of honey, apples and spices.
COLOUR: Rich golden.
TASTE: Rich peat, in perfect harmony with honey, chocolate, raisins and oak wood, followed by a cascade of spices rolling over the palate.

But this tasting note from Whisky Party does it right:

Color: A gorgeous deep golden.
Legs: Kind of big; slow and viscous, but more like cankles.
Nose: It’s a fruity peat smoke that hits you right away, gently though, and with it comes a truly remarkable fresh scent of rosewater, cucumbers (much like the Curiositas), fresh lemons, and a touch of peach.
Palate: Warm, soft, and estery at first, the burning-ember peat smoke (with some alcoholic punch) jumps right out at you within moments, with some earthiness, but transitions smoothly into cinnamon-baked apples with some oranges.
Body: Full and textured, a bit firm.
Finish: Medium-to-long, with a grass-fire fade.
Overall: One of the best damn drams I’ve tasted in a while, and that’s saying a lot.  From the moment I cracked the bottle, the aromas captivated me.  I couldn’t imagine how good the taste could be after that amazing mixture of peat and fruit and smoke, but the palate delivered a truly unique, textured, and delicious flavour.  It seems, for me, to continue along the lines of the Curiositas, though having undergone an excellent development of those flavours over the course of 11 extra years in the cask.  Winner!

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