Tuesday, February 26, 2013

This is how to do scotch

While i have been in awe of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society for quite some time, i am more recently (like right now) blown away by the quality of the scotch that they share. OK not really shared - the stuff aint cheap - but the experience is really worth the extra $$$$. Check out the SMWS site - http://smws.com/the-spirit-cellars/  for a little fun in guiding you to a whisky based on the most elaborate tasting wheel/vocabulary i have seen. Great fun!

I am currently enjoying two very nice drams:

Leather sofa seduction - Cask No. 63.26. Official notes are almost poetry - but really had me enjoying this whisky: The interesting, dynamic nose suggested fruit (schnapps, Armagnac, Victoria sponge); also caramel, spicy sweets and cough syrup; then descriptions began to emerge involving cigarette packets, perfume and leather (for one panellist it conjured up ‘a leather sofa, a hot guy and some cologne’). The palate, quite hot in its own right, contained dried papaya, orange, star-fruit and grappa, with big, manly wood and leather astringency. With water the nose found fruit pastilles and ‘masculine’ perfumes (spicy, woody, musky). The palate now balanced its leather and tobacco depth, with elegant, exotic, perfumed mango fruitiness.

Cant make this up - right?

The second dram (or three) was a tough purchase given the name (Kerosene Delight) but really delivers. I should mention that both are clearly bourbon casks with little or no smoke. Yes - there are small ice cubes in this dram - really seemed to need something to 'cool it off' on the second dram.

The Scotch Imposter offers this perfect tasting note: Tasting notes:
Nosing the SMWS 4.153 is like plunging my face into a cast-iron cauldron filled with pumpkin pie laced with cardamom, heather sprigs, oak shavings, jester velvet, and titanium hemostats put to questionable uses by non-medical personnel. Also: tandoori lambchops, don't ask me to explain it! On the mouth, it's a gritty noir reimagining of The Sound of Music. Sherry, edelweiss, singing nuns, adorkable children (has 'adorkable' jumped the shark yet?), Nazis, and true-life heroes. This is a historical romance to get lost in, because the signposts (written in German, duh) are mounted on cedar poles oozing pine resin, don't ask me to explain that, either. The 117.2 proof finish has my soft palate first moaning for mercy, and then whispering for more. Shades of 50 Shades.
Adding water allows a wood-burning stove with a few burnt-out cinders duking it out with aloe vera and other succulents. The mouth is transformed into Memento rebooted as light-hearted Broadway musical—with music by Leonard Cohen?—starring Jim Carrey as a relentlessly forgetful husband. "Today's our anniversary??? Doh!" But like all great comics, Jim Carrey has a dark side, and the mouth doesn't let me forget the pain of childbirth, even though it's complemented by the wonderful smell of newborn children. The finish transports my spirit to an astral plane, so it's hard to find words used by mere mortals to describe the experience. Since I'm forced: it goes on and on, filled with odd beauty like a film by Terence Malick.

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