Monday, April 15, 2013

Orkney or bust

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society has put out another winner. This one - # 4.160 is known as "in a gentleman's club." The fun of the SMWS is that they do not tell you explicitly where the whisky is from. They give strong hints, but leave a little for the expert guesswork. (SECRET - this one is from Highland Park)

The official notes are great (over the top, but fun): The nose had polished wood, cigars and leather chairs ‘like a gentleman’s’ club’, lots of cinder toffee, chocolate fingers, pastrami and various fruits (orange jelly, cherries in syrup, plums, figs). The initial palate was somewhat fierce but surprisingly enjoyable – moist ginger cake, Caramac, orange, smoked ham and burnt sticks in birch syrup. The reduced nose had incense, struck match, Trail Mix (dates, raisins, etc.) Horlicks, cinnamon and slightly over-done Christmas cake. The palate now found flambĂ©ed bananas, sweet dark toffee and abundant spice (musk, myrrh, cinnamon) at the end. The distillery is supposedly haunted by the ghost of Magnus Eunson.
Drinking tip: Perfect dram for the ferry to Orkney – otherwise after dinner.
Date Distilled: 17 April 1997 Colour: Dark rum Age: 14 years Cask Type: Refill gorda Whisky Region: Highland Island

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