Monday, May 13, 2013

Bruichladdich surprise

I have never complained about Bruichladdich, but never sung its praises either. Thanks to H.E. for introducing me to the lovely 21. This is a sherry lovers dram and very much like the Black Bull 30. Indeed, the only difference i think i would notice is that this Bruichladdich is smoother and has no grain aftertaste. 

Official tasting notes make it sound as good as it is: Character is full and mellow, rounded and rich - clearly from the Oloroso Sherry Butt. The Nose is dark butterscotch, cocoa-sprinkled haze nuts, soft banana, prune syrup, plump dark raisins and amoretti biscuits all jostle to take centre stage. The nose will also detect a zephyr of salty sea breezes. After the initial fiesta has calmed, beautiful soft green fruits emerge bringing lychee, passion fruit, melon and mango along with the sweetness of maltose and barley sugar. The Palate is full of power and passion is best experienced without the addition of water. However, we leave that to you. It is a grande reserva or in gaelic bival arfad - absolutely beautiful. The Finish is a cultural melody, the wildness of Islay and the warmth of Spain combined in a unification of flavours that is heart-warming and haunting. 

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