Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ben Nevis scores again

I am having pretty good luck with Ben Nevis. Cant say i have had a bad one. Then Cadenhead's returns to US distribution and offers up a winner. Not stellar, but really good.
I enjoyed these tasting notes from - http://myannoyingopinions.com/

Ben Nevis 17, 1996 (55.2%; Cadenhead’s Small Batch; bourbon hogshead)
Nose: Wood glue and musky fruit (apricots, a bit of stewed apple). Some raisins too and something vaguely savoury. Gets brinier as it sits. With time there’s some peppery melon a la some Littlemills I’ve tried. The fruit gets richer and richer with time and water gives it tropical accents on the nose as well.
Palate: Very much as on the nose at first with more toasted wood. But the fruit is much richer and deeper. Once again, shockingly drinkable at full strength. On the second sip there’s more toasted wood and roasted malt shading into mocha/bittersweet chocolate. Much later there’s a lot of brown sugar along with the roasted malt and some vanilla too; and some peach jam to go along with the apricot. With a lot of time (more than an hour) and water the tropical fruit that was earlier showing up only on the finish arrives much earlier. And I may be imagining it but there’s a lick of smoke now too.
Finish: Medium-long. The fruit gets more and more tropical on the way out and the toasted wood and bitter notes frames it nicely.

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Great 21yr old under 100 bucks

1991 Auchentoshan 21 Year Old A.D. Rattray Single Barrel Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky 750ml
Surprised by this 21yr old Auchentoshan. It looks like it is from a bourbon cask but is actually from a refill sherry cask. Has loads of nice woddy notes - again confusing as I am still thinking bourbon, but it does not have that sugar from the wood, but from the sherry. Softness from the sherry apears on the finish. Just delicious at a great price - IF you can still find some.